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Post: Why Earning a Sustainable Passive Income from DeFi Platforms Is About to Get Easier for the Average Investor

Although many altcoin projects play host to DeFi and NFT projects nowadays, an overwhelming majority of them still live on the Ethereum blockchain. While both digital assets are making the concept of earning an income in a decentralized fashion more accessible to people all around the world, the majority of users in the DeFi and NFT spaces still can’t afford to pay the blockchain and smart contract transaction fees often associated with acquiring or selling assets. It’s also still incredibly expensive to run a node and earn rewards in exchange for helping secure blockchains and validate transactions, bridge tokens, or participate in yield farming too.

Multi-Chain Capital aims to change all of that. The project has a simple goal. To allow you to buy its $MCC token on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, farm your investment for you on multiple blockchains, and return the profits to you.

At the time of this writing, approximately 1.916 billion $MCC tokens are circulating and more than 1.556 billion are burned, never to re-enter circulation.

As the project and its popularity grow, Mult-Chain Capital wants to provide users with even more access to accessible investing opportunities.

That’s why the project is introducing MultiNodes.

MultiNodes Is a New Alternative to Existing Node Solutions

MultiNodes fill a void that allows you to create a sustainable passive income in a more capital-efficient way. Of course, there are many options for earning income acting as a node across many different blockchains and protocols, but many crypto users are priced out by the fees and lack of portability in regards to wallet-to-wallet transfers.

The folks at Multi-Chain Capital believe that despite the fact there are many ways to establish nodes across various blockchains, there is plenty of room to innovate in terms of pushing forward the efficiency and accessibility of nodes. Thus providing more people with opportunities to earn passive income.

MultiNodes is a truly portable node solution allowing transfers and trading of nodes on a secondary market. Believe it or not, the underlying innovation behind the concept is NFTs. That’s right. Non-fungible tokens.

You probably already know about NFTs. It’s a class of digital assets that is arguably now the most popular. NFTs live on the blockchain, and most NFT enthusiasts know them as immutable representations of artwork or jpegs that are sometimes tied to access to exclusive events, groups, and other benefits.

The thing is, the benefits that can be tied to an NFT are virtually limitless. An NFT is not just a profile picture and it doesn’t just represent access to an alpha group. An NFT is a certificate of authenticity or digital proof of ownership.

NFTs associated with MultiNodes will contain metadata that goes well beyond a jpeg image. You’ll be able to benefit from the passive income MultiNodes provides by holding onto the NFT. A node’s sale price, income rate and value are all included in the metadata.

MultiNodes Offer Portability and Six Buckets of Income

Traditional nodes offer just a single stream of income; transactions fees are paid out to users based on transaction volume. MultiNodes offers six. With the NFT aspect of the nodes offering you portability, and the buckets of income offering you many ways to earn, there is plenty of value to be had.

The six stream of income MultiNodes offer includes:

  • $MCC rewards
  • Reflections
  • Treasury taxes
  • Royalties earned on the secondary market
  • Upcoming products in the flagship product portfolio
  • Farming Investments

With many options for income streams and portability built-in, it’s no wonder that the mission of the project is to bring Defi to the masses in a whole new way. You’ll eventually be able to use a MultiNode through smartphones and other mobile devices too.

The Best Way to Benefit from the Value of MultiNodes

MultiNodes are organized into five different tiers. The most capital-intensive tier requires you to invest $5,000 worth of both $MCC tokens and a stablecoin ($10,000 total). That’s the Presidential tier. The entry-level tier, called the Analyst tier, requires just $250 worth of $MCC and a stablecoin ($500 total).

At the time the project launches, the $MCC value required to enter each of the five tiers will always remain at a fixed constant value. This means that if you spend $5,000 on 1 million $MCC tokens and the value of the token doubles after launch, you’ve earned a profit but you still only have to pay 1 Million MCC for access to a Presidential node.

This is why there is an incentive to get in early. The dollar value of $MCC required to get into the top tiers will increase over time. The project is set to follow a hyper-deflationary tokenomics model that will create a supply shock for $MCC tokens.

It’s time to benefit from nodes and NFTs without having to be a millionaire to do it.

Image: Pixabay

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