Post: WetSpace: Content Creators’ Crypto-Based Answer To Big Banks Blocking Adult Work

Since the start of the pandemic, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have risen into the mainstream – giving big banks a run for their money, so to speak. At the same time, the side gig and creator economy has propelled platforms like OnlyFans – and the creators themselves – into superstardom. 

But the starry night got dark for a brief moment when OnlyFans revealed it would bar “sexually explicit” content from the platform. Not only would this likely have been the end for OnlyFans, but millions of content creators on the platform would suddenly lose a part of their income, and it was all due to pressure from payment providers and big financial conglomerates. 

That’s where WetSpace comes in – a crypto-based platform designed by content creators, for content creators and their fanbase.

WetSpace NFT Discovery

WetSpace empowers content creators to engage and monetize audiences in new ways

What Is WetSpace? When Crypto Meets OnlyFans, Sans The Banks

Similar to OnlyFans, content creators can do what they do best and produce sexy videos for their audience. Creators don’t have to fear financial institutions will abruptly end their careers or income streams and can instead focus on curating content and growing their user base. Creators will also be able to monetize their personal brands through an NFT marketplace that can be bundled with paid subscriptions or other exclusive content. Live streaming is also on the way.

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All of this is made possible through a 100% crypto-based platform that leverages existing eco-friendly cryptocurrencies with low fees. Supported cryptocurrencies include BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, BNB, ETH, MATIC, and AVAX at launch. Crypto payments ensure that content creators are paid quickly, securely, and privately, without chargebacks.

WetSpace Accepted Crypto Coins

Paying with crypto keeps your personal interests private

Users benefit from the added layer of anonymity, no longer needing to fear a spouse finds a charge related to adult content and spares the embarrassment of such a transaction coming up with an accountant or otherwise. Users will also be able to interact directly with content creators via DM – complete with a crypto-based tipping system.

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Meet Allie Rae: The Face Of The Fight For Sex Workers

WetSpace is a new company led by CEO Allie Rae – an OnlyFans content creator, that made national news last year because her adult work caused her to lose her job in nursing.

Allie Rae took the situation in stride and turned it into a million-dollar brand, which she’s since poured into the launch of WetSpace to give back to the creator community that helped her and so desperately needs the help in return.

Allie Rae CEO of WetSpace

Allie Rae, is the CEO of WetSpace

Allie Rae herself is an ex-naval vet, wife, homemaker, hockey mom, and so much more, making her an ideal face of the content creator community that squares off against so much stigma on a regular basis. She admits herself to stereotyping in the past, but after understanding the struggles sex workers face – she instead, along with WetSpace – intends to take on the “monopolistic, predatory adult industry” and the big banks that keep adult work in the shadows.

WetSpace is set to launch this coming March, with a beta launching on February 7. You can learn more about WetSpace and Allie Rae in our full-featured interview on the adult industry, crypto, and more.

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