Post: Put the Pedal to the $METAL with Drunk Robots IDO April 7

Get ready to crack open a cold one and crack some metallic skulls, because the Drunk Robots IDO is launching April 7 on Liquidifty, GameFi and TrustPad!

This hilarious, high-octane brawler is set to shake up the Play-to-Earn market, and now’s your chance to grab some $METAL tokens and throw your hat in the ring alongside the project’s big-name investors, such as animoca brands, merit circle,,, and 1inch!

What is Drunk Robots?

Drunk Robots is a play-to-earn RPG fighting game that feels like a breath of fresh air in a market oversaturated by games that just don’t feel badass. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Drunk Robots thrusts players into the grisly world of Los Machines, a futuristic city overrun by robotic drunkards bent on hoarding metal, binging on beer, and smashing their opponents to shreds in street fights.

Snag one of 10101 Drunk Robots NFTs and you can take part in PVP battles, venture out on expeditions to stock up on $METAL and booze, and customize your robots with upgraded weapons and equipment. Along the way, you’ll earn plenty of valuable rewards just for playing the game. Drunk Robots also offers free-to-play activities and mini-games, which grant rewards as well!

For a small sip of the Drunk Robots experience, check out the free-to-play Drunk Robots top-down shooter mini-game:

What to do with $METAL?

$METAL tokens are the main currency in Drunk Robots. With $METAL, you’ll be able to level-up your robot fighters and their equipment, enter into battles in the PVP arena, try your hand at races, and so on. You’ll also be able to exchange $METAL tokens on the game’s marketplace, as you buy and sell weapons, upgrade, and equipment NFTs.

Participate in the Drunk Robots IDO

Get ready to pour some $METAL tokens into your wallet, because the Drunk Robots IDO launches on April 7 on LiquidiftyGameFi and TrustPad. Each of these three platforms has its own systems of allocation and terms for participation, but the $METAL token price and vesting conditions will be the same on each. It’s up to you to decide which you’ll use; here are some details for each platform:


Liquidifty will provide different tools for NFT collectors. Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take out loans using NFTs as collateral, earn with NFT vaults, trade tokens on a convenient cross-chain marketplace or join the multi-ownership feature.

Minimum Investment for FCFS: $600
Minimum Investment for Guaranteed allocation: $2000
Total number of METAL allocated: 5,000,000


GameFi is an all-encompassing hub for game finance, serving game studios, players, traders, and investors in one place. GameFi brings the gaming community the promising blockchain game initiatives developed on the BSC and Polygon networks, which host most of the top-rated play-to-earn titles. Simultaneously, GameFi is the first marketplace to enable cross-game trading of in-game items and NFTs.

Minimum Investment for Lottery: $889
Minimum Investment for Guaranteed allocation: $133,350
Total number of METAL allocated: 20,000,000
KYC: Required


TrustPad is a decentralized, multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors. Stake TrustPad tokens to get priority-access to promising projects.

Minimum Investment for Lottery: $1590
Minimum Investment for Guaranteed allocation: $7950
Total number of METAL allocated: 5,000,000

Tokenomics and Vesting

Total supply: 2,750,000,000 $METAL
Public round allocation: 30,000,000 $METAL
IDO and Listing price: $0.01
FDV on Listing: $27.5M
TGE MarketCap with liquidity provided: 18,750,000 $METAL / $187,500
TGE MarketCap without liquidity: 5,000,000 $METAL / $50,000
Vesting schedule for public round: 10% TGE, 15% monthly

For additional information, take a look at Drunk Robots’ tokenomics in more detail here:

Where to get $METAL after the IDO

Starting April 8, $METAL tokens will be purchasable on the Pancakeswap and exchanges.

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