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Post: Next Earth is unstoppable: 12.5M USD strategic investment in Limitless, plans the largest Metaverse Fund

With this groundbreaking move, Next Earth is transforming the industry.

The strategic investment

Next Earth announced a $12.5 million strategic investment in Limitless, a few days after the Limitless announcement of their new Metaverse integrator service for brands and businesses.

According to David Taylor, one of the core members of Next Earth and the token architect behind NXTT, this move will not only be a game changer for Next Earth and Limitless, but for the entire metaverse.

Next Earth firmly believes that this strategic investment will contribute to the development of a thriving metaverse ecosystem that will enable new startups to succeed and users to discover all that the virtual can offer.

Success, growth and bigger goals

Although startups have a failure rate of 90-95%, Next Earth has succeeded and its success is rapidly growing.

The strong potential of both Limitless and Next Earth is reflected in the fact that Next Earth became a unicorn in less than 9 months. Since its launch, Next Earth became one of the most significant metaverse projects, having more than 45,000 virtual land owners, 238,000+ registered users, more than $10 million in total income, and their own token.

This shows that Next Earth not only has a big vision, but also an effective solution.

Regarding the collaboration, David Taylor said:

“Next Earth’s vision was to create the first decentralized virtual world, enabling startups to launch their products and services in the metaverse, incubating hundreds of startups and positioning them to become the first generation of “metaverse businesses”.
To achieve this, Limitless as a global blockchain studio can provide the highest level of system integration for Next Earth.“

Seeing the partnership as a win-win for both Limitless and Next Earth, Next Earth made a strategic investment in Limitless.

Resulting changes

The strategic investment has led to some changes at Limitless, originally co-founded by Mike Vitez and David Taylor.

Next Earth has invested $12.5 million in Limitless and David Taylor, the token designer behind NXTT, and one of the core members of Next Earth has been appointed as CEO of Limitless.

The position of Chairman is held by David Prais, who is a mentor of David Taylor and has been working with him for seven years. David Prais has built seven unicorn companies, including Gateway and Dell, and is the former chairman of the Greater London Investment Fund. Prais has been a major figure in the UK venture capital scene for the past 15 years.

Why Next Earth with Limitless are the future of startups: $260 million metaverse fund

David Taylor and David Prais started working out the strategy for building Limitless and bringing service providers onto the Next Earth to create an immersive decentralized virtual world accessible to startups and businesses and provide a true gateway to the metaverse.

On the success of the relationship between Next Earth and Limitless, David Taylor said that now within the Limitless network, there are over 700 venture capital firms and 1200 startups that are potential service providers within the Next Earth metaverse, which has been done through strategic partnerships that Limitless has been making.

He added:

 “Limitless started building a 260M USD metaverse fund to create and scale new metaverse startups that will be onboarded to Next Earth, giving utility to the land, NXTT, and creating the first generation of successful metaverse startups in the next five years.”

Solution for a better future

The metaverse will not disappear; in fact, just the opposite. If we connect people with each other and with resources, great things can happen. And that’s exactly what Next Earth and Limitless are doing: providing unique value propositions and solutions, making them an indispensable element of the new internet.

About Next Earth

Next Earth is a blockchain-based metaverse community, an NFT-based, transparent digital land purchasing platform without a middle man. Users can buy and sell lands on virtual Earth while creating value on the real one.

About Limitless

Limitless is a global blockchain startup studio and the team behind Metaverse’s unicorn Next Earth.

Limitless is structured in two parts:

The Limitless Network, which will launch a platform for startups and service providers to help projects connect to Next Earth.

Limitless Capital, the $260M Metaverse fund to help startups launch, build and scale new businesses within the Metaverse.

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