Post: More Than A JPEG: NFTs, Cannes & Feminism By Pplpleasr

NFTs are breaking into the film industry and the tokens could turn into a tool to open new corridors for gender diversity, both in the crypto market and in the making of movies. During this year’s Cannes Film Festival, NFT artist Pplpleasr continuous to explore how the tokenization of digital art is revolutionizing many concepts.

From To Screen To The Red Carpet

While many people experience NFTs as a flamboyant crossover of finances and fun, some creators hope to use this booming market as a way to provide new financial tools to underrepresented groups.

From PussyRiot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova to WomenRiseNFT’s activist Maliha, and Pplpleasr’s Emily Yang, NFT female creators are exploring and making projects that could positively affect the future of many other females and empower new generations to revolutionize and flip the inequalities of various industries.

Pplpleasr recently collaborated with digital global media company Brut to create 75 Cannes Film Festival-themed producers pass NFTs for the festival’s 75th edition.

This means that the NFT owners will be granted unprecedented access to the Cannes Film Festival including VIP invitations to attend several events, said the official announcement.

As we are seeing how art is being consumed in a completely new and insatiable way in this digital era, it is interesting how the boundaries of NFTs ownership are finding ways to meet the need for real-life experiences. Creators are exploring routes for the rights granted to holders to include exclusive experiences.

Brut stated this is an example of how the company, as the official Global Media partner of the festival, is “working to unite the traditional, new film and content creation communities. ”

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The collection is divided into three tiers: bronze (5 ETH), silver (6 ETH), and gold (7 ETH). Each tier grants different passes to the events, like attending the red carpet’s opening ceremony (Gold-tier) or going to the viewing of the movie ‘Elvis’ starring Tom Hanks, directed by Baz Luhrmann (Silver-tier).

NFTs And Gender Inclusion

Pplpleaser often approaches a common worry: the female representation in the NFT and Web3 industry, how to increase it, and use the blockchain as a tool of empowerment in a world full of social disparities.

The Cannes NFT collection will directly benefit the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative “and efforts to make the film industry more inclusive to young female creators” by donating all proceeds.

The USC Annenberg is committed to diversity and inclusion, and their Inclusion Initiative Accelerator program supports female filmmakers “to bolster the pipeline for young creatives.”

The initiative’s founder Dr. Stacy L. Smith stated that The Accelerator Program is one of their “many solution-based initiatives to support and develop the next generation of talented female-identifying creators.”

“Dr. Stacy L. Smith and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative are advancing practical, theory-driven solutions to the persistent lag in equality in media. These solutions offer real-world media professionals, performers, and even consumers the chance to get involved in addressing the problem and being part of sustainable change.”

The collected funds will be stored on, which allows crypto donations.

Pplpleasr expressed her gratitude toward this collaboration: “As a female creator, I think it’s so important to have resources and role models we can look up to in any industry. I try to use my voice and platform to show the positive impact NFTs can have on society.”

The artist is known for supporting gender-inclusive movements based on Web3 as well as the filmmaking industry through her latest project Shibuya, which allows video creators to crowdfund. Yang seems to be truly making an impact through the media, as she was recently on the cover of Vogue Taiwan magazine, further discussing NFTs in the issue.

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