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Blockchain, NFT’s, and Metaverse, without any doubt, garnered maximum attention and influence in practically every sector over the years. It promises a thriving future, with large-scale worldwide developments and investments. Only a few stick out and deliver on their promise among the daily influx of new ventures. MetaPax platform is a project that distinguishes out from other metaverses because of its fundamentally different approach.

Wearable technology, such as smart glasses or other wearable gadgets, are used to connect individuals from all over the world, allowing them to participate in activities they couldn’t previously, such as work and getting new experiences they couldn’t have imagined.

With smart glasses and real-time video streaming, MetaPax isn’t just another cryptocurrency project; it’s a revolutionary new way for people to interact and contact each other from anywhere in the globe for anything from traveling to working to running errands to doing business. Users may see the world through the eyes of other platform users, with no restrictions other than their own creativity.

Using emerging technologies to their full potential, this initiative aims to create new ways of living and future prospects for people all over the world. Streaming is the mode of interaction on the platform. Paxers and Beholders are the two sorts of participants in the MetaPax ecosystem.

People known as “paxers” make accounts on the platform and answer a slew of questions about themselves. Any time they want, they may either wait for someone to employ them or start streaming. On the other hand, Beholders sign up on the platform and engage Paxers, assign them jobs, or join their live feeds.

If one is looking for anything to watch today, they may choose from among the thousands of Paxers registered on a platform based on their location and the activities of prominent streamers or the errands they need to go. It’s possible to search for Paxers based on various factors like their rating (positive or negative), location, age, gender, experience, talents, and more. As a Beholder, they may speak or write in the Paxer’s native language, as it automatically gets translated and can ask them to do acts or show what one is interested in seeing.

Paxers (streamers) work on duties assigned by Beholders to earn money. Indeed, Paxers profit from their actions and the income is whopping. Paxer may accept or reject the platform’s order message. If they approve, the platform will provide them with further information. Each Paxer charges for specific tasks. They may charge a fixed cost, an hourly rate, or group pricing. There will be a subscription model, a pay-per-stream option, and a free stream with the opportunity to accept contributions for streamers along with donation options.

The Beholder’s account is debited, and the funds are escrowed. After the assignment is done, the platform pays the Paxer. All platform transactions utilize the MTP utility token.


MTP tokens are the platform’s native token, used in all user transactions. Billion MTP tokens were created. Initially, token supply is limited, with no token issuance in the future. All platform transactions, including employing paxers, donations, and broadcasting, are charged at 20%.

Auto staking will be implemented once the MetaPax platform is fully operational. Participants that store their tokens in personal accounts on the platform will get monthly MTP rewards. As the platform grows, so does the APR on staking. The platform uses the quickest EVM/eBPF hybrid blockchain with over 50,000 transactions per second, minimal transaction fees, and an integrated wallet.

Use cases

Using MetaPax, one may do more in less time by being in several locations at once and taking care of several tasks simultaneously. Before booking a flight, do some research, such as looking for an apartment and seeing the neighborhood, asking questions, and double-checking the paperwork to ensure the place is exactly what you want.

If one had always wanted to go to a performance by one of their favorite bands, but it’s in another country. It is possible now. Perhaps even through the eyes of their main singer? Or even engage the audience on social platforms by sharing one’s blogging experience. The sky’s the limit!

From the comfort of one’s own home, one may travel the globe, especially after the lockdown and pandemic still circling the world, They may hire a tour guide anywhere in the world, put on smart glasses, and see the world through the eyes of their guide.

It is possible to use MetaPax for various educational and corporate purposes, including conferences, B2B, remote assistance in resolving workplace difficulties, sales and purchases, etc. The MetaPax app, an account, and smart glasses are all one needs to get started.

DAO Model

The power to make decisions will be shifted from the Metaverse in the actual world to the “decentralized open model.” By 2025, it is expected that the participants will have the bulk of the authority. Voting will be restricted to MetaPax team members until then, so that wealthy shareholders with nefarious motives will not have the ability to upset the ecosystem.

The private round was held and was successfully completed. The initiative is not leaving any stone unturned with its progressive vision and aggressive campaign to attract investors from all around the world. It has planned a launchpad on one of the top platforms very soon enabling investors to generate a passive source of income.

Many of the objectives we set for ourselves are easier to accomplish with MetaPax, and we no longer have to waste valuable time getting to and from work or running errands for our day-to-day lives.

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