Post: Meet Joel Dietz, The MetaMask Founding Architect Helping People Build Their Own Metaverse

Metaverse technology is at the forefront of media headlines these days. Everyone wants to explore the combination of a virtual world with innovative technologies and monetization options. Joel Dietz is the individual who will make the Metaverse more accessible to everyone.

Metametaverse Has A Bold Plan

Joel Dietz is synonymous with Metametaverse, the company looking to let everyone build their Metaverse currencies and lead their own civilization if need be. It all begins with the meta language, enabling users to generate virtual worlds where they can experience entertainment, work, social activities, etc. Together with Ivan Kravets, Oleh Mykhaylovych, and Lyubomyr Pavlyk, Joel Dietz set up this company to give people freedom.

The Metametaverse protocol introduces Metaverse interoperability and can map human experiences into a coordinate system. That concept is the foundation of the metametalang coding language, designed to generate and map Metaverses. The initial protocol has, under the guidance of Dietz, received many upgrades, including a cube-based space dividing opportunity. These cubes can be placed inside of other cubes and enable users to shrink themselves to experience it.

With the Metametaverse prototype being built by Ivan in Unreal Engine, the team realized they had a viable product in their hands. Dietz and his crew expanded the development team and organized a seed raise, which received overwhelmingly positive investor feedback. Many people see merit in a powerful platform to build Metaverses, downstream monetization opportunities, enabling unlimited types of user experiences, etc.

For those unaware, Joel Dietz is also a founding architect of MetaMask, the leading Web3 wallet providing access to Metaverse experiences. The expertise from that venture will be beneficial to Metametaverse and how it will serve as a Metaverse protocol with cross-chain compatibility. Moreover, Dietz has nearly a decade of experience in Ethereum development, governance protocols, cryptoeconomics, and establishing legal standards fur utility tokens.

The Joel Dietz Of Today

Putting past accolades aside, the Joel Dietz of today isn’t all that different from the person who created the Swarm DeFi project years ago. Dietz remains fascinated by cryptoeconomics and its implications for society. Moreover, Joel has been drawn to virtual reality and building immersive experiences. The combination of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and immersive technologies will pave the way for building the Metaverse of the future.

Moreover, Dietz sees gaming as a key avenue to accelerate the crypto and blockchain revolution. Gaming has been one industry where neither technology made a significant impact. Both developers and gamers oppose these concepts due to many scams, dismay regarding NFTs, and other inherent flaws. Metametaverse is a movement to bring more positive energy into the blockchain and crypto industry.

Furthermore, the focus on interoperability in this digital ecosystem is essential. Users are incentivized to build projects on virtual land through different game engines, including Blender and Unreal Engine 5. Dietz and his team envision a future where empowerment plays a crucial role across every aspect. In addition, the cube-based aspect of Metametaverse will, per Dietz, let users run games, and simulations and “map parallel realities”. That latter part will be rather interesting, as it can lead to compelling new use cases.

At his core, Joel Dietz remains the geek he has always been. His passion is working on things that excite and interest him. The building of a new coding language for the Metaverse, capable of mapping all realities, is a task few people would undertake on a whim. For Dietz, it is second nature, as he aims to do “cool things” capable of bringing more people into crypto and blockchain.

Closing Thoughts

The vision by Joel Dietz has yielded exciting projects and services in the crypto and blockchain industry. Moreover, he helped establish Metamask, the go-to browser and mobile wallet for accessing decentralized finance, play-to-earn gaming, the Metaverse, and much more. Now is the time to build the necessary infrastructure to ensure these technologies can gain critical adoption among mainstream users.

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