Post: Mediacoin: Is This Crypto Platform About to Forever Change How We Consume Content?

When we want to be entertained, watch the news or learn how to make the KFC-style chicken at home – we instantly grab our phones and search YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms to find the particular content we want. All very easy and straightforward, right?

Well, for artists, influencers and other content creators, publishing on these platforms means adhering to strict community guidelines and being extremely careful about what they publish. Mistakenly say something that a few people don’t like, and oops, you’re demonetized or canceled altogether.

And for us users, it isn’t always a joyful experience either. We wade our way through all the “skip ad in 15 seconds, countless popups, and other obstacles in our way to eventually get to where we want to be. Is there a better and fairer way for both creators and followers?

Mediacoin, a company led by blockchain visionary Sergey Sevantsyan believes it has the answer to all of these challenges and can deliver many more benefits to both creators and followers by connecting the real world with the crypto world.

Blockchain is changing the rules

Mediacoin has created a multifunctional platform where content creators, social media influencers and followers are all free to publish whatever they want and monetize their earnings in the crypto-virtual and real world. “This is a space where creators can truly express themselves and earn new streams of income that simply isn’t possible on other platforms”, said CEO Sergey Sevantsyan.

In addition to earning income by traditional methods, users can now take advantage of blockchain and crypto technologies to sell NFTs, pay for goods and services – earn money with the MC coin itself, and accept payment and trade in other cryptocurrencies. The company even offers a turnkey service for its users to create NFTs for them.

And for the audience, it’s also great news. There is no advertising on the Mediacoin platform. Hooray! And with no strict rules or moderators scrutinizing every word, followers get to hear their favorite influencer’s unfiltered voices and opinions on important subjects.

After buying a coin, or “staking”, as the company likes to call it, users gain access to an extensive range of products and services, all carefully designed to the influencer and content creators’ needs. In fact, an entire mini-ecosystem has been developed to support the platform’s users, all based around the coin.

Cryptosystem for content creators

Alongside all the day-to-day uploading, file sharing and publishing, creators can do everything they usually do in everyday life, such as shop online, pay for groceries, utility bills, and more with a versatile debit card created by the company. This debit card has a dashboard, allowing users to make transactions in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

For entrepreneurs and those creators with a side hustle, Mediacoin has a huge marketplace where users can buy and sell products and services. Users can network with other users here and even set up businesses. Separately, the company has another marketplace for NFTs where even newbies can learn how to make money from this emerging market.

Free “how to” and crypto trading classes are available in a variety of languages to help users make the most of Mediacoin. The company is constantly developing the platform and has big plans to help stars and fans connect with each other as they’ve never done before.

Hang out in the Mediaverse

In June 2022, Mediacoin plans to launch its own and much-anticipated metaverse, which they’ve called “Mediaverse”. This metaverse will initially be launched in 2D web-based format – however, a fully interactive version where stars and followers can interact wearing 3D virtual glasses won’t be far behind.

This is a space where creators and their audiences can chat, relax, sell products and services to each other, and generally hang out to play games and have fun. The opportunities for influencers, celebrities and others to increase income here are immeasurable, with the sale of NFTs alone expected to run into tens of millions of dollars.

Star appeal

Today, more and more stars are taking control of their destiny by managing all of their workload, side hustles and finances by themselves. Entrepreneurs like Jay Z have led the way in this mindset for many years. A platform that offers this type of freedom and control can only make things easier for entrepreneurs like Jay Z and is a doorway to earning income in ways that even he has probably never imagined.

Whether it’s comedy, movies, music or simply cats falling off cupboards, there is a constantly growing demand for new content. Celebrity and influencer culture are also on an upward spiral – therefore, in this respect, Mediacoin has a rock-solid business model, and with so many new opportunities to earn will appeal to many. Provided the company can attract some big name stars to the platform, Mediacoin could easily become the space where we consume all of our content in the future.

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