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Post: Largest Metaverse GameFi Project Of 2022, Gensokishi Online, Opens Applications For Closed Alpha

Gensokishi Online has announced the opening of its closed alpha. The project which incorporates the elements of NFT and GameFi on a metaverse space plans to build a new fantasy world economy using blockchain technology and it is calling on the metaverse community to help it test out its latest game.

In the closed alpha,NPCs, background models, equipment, Monsters, etc. will also be renewed to improve the graphics to be suitable for the latest games. GensoKishi is already working on resources to improve the graphics, but it will take dedicated converter development to incorporate them into the actual game, and although the improved graphics are not yet available in the alpha version, they will be made available in the beta version.

All participants in the closed alpha will receive a limited edition NFT. In addition, the top 10 and top 100 participants will receive limited edition NFTs based on a point system after the test period is over, and  participants will be able to exchange their tickets at the end of the testing period for “Gensokishi Fan Club Membership Cards.”

Join The Closed Alpha

The Gensokishi Online closed alpha is open to everyone who wishes to participate. Applications on the Gensokishi Online website will enter the participants into the lottery for a chance to win the Closed Alpha Bronze Tickets. The winners, which will be a small pool of lucky winners, will be provided exclusive access to the Gensokishi Closed Alpha Test.

The application portal was opened on May 3rd and will run for a period of two weeks until May 17th. The scheduled date for ticket distributions is set for May 27th, although this is subject to change.

To join the lottery, players will need to complete a number of tasks that are listed on the application portal. They can then proceed to submit their application using the application form. Only applications submitted before the end date will be considered for the lottery.

The closed alpha period will be held in two sessions.

・The first closed alpha period will be held from 5/31/2022 to 6/7/2022.
・The second test will be held in June to determine the timing of the first test (to be held in June).

Gensokishi Online Building The Biggest Metaverse GameFi Project

Gensokishi Online has been the most profitable project of all GameFi projects that have been launched in the year 2022. Its native token, $MV, currently boasts the largest holdings on the Polygon network, second only to Polygon’s native token, MATIC.

It has secured multiple partnerships with various projects and professionals in the gaming world to create one of the most anticipated games in 2022. These include partnerships with four guilds in the space of a month; the Sakura Guild Games, YGGjp, Samurai Guild Games, and the Hyrule Guild Games.

It has also partnered with Mr. Amano, the legendary Final Fantasy character designer, who will design multiple characters for Gensokishi Online.The character designed by Mr. Amano is an NFT avatar that can be taken to Gensokishi Online’s Metaverse and is expected to be sold for $MV, Gensokishi Online’s governance token.

Gensokishi Online set the record on crypto exchange MEXC as the fastest project ever to reach its goal on Kickstarter, doing so in the space of 10 minutes. Its token was listed on the exchange the following day on March March 7th.

The same was the case on Bybit, where its launch pool saw a record 65,000 participants stake over $220 million to obtain $MV tokens. It is also the fastest-selling project on Trustpad, selling out in a record 20 seconds after launch.

$MV tokens have been highly profitable for investors. It listed on the Bybit crypto exchange with an initial listing price of $0.02 and subsequently rose to $0.6. In less than two weeks, its price had risen to a high of $1.66. This made it an 83x ROI for investors who had gotten in at the listing price.

Gensokishi Online which was developed under license from Elemental Knights, a Japanese 3D MMORPG title with over 8 million players worldwide, is set to take Metaverse GameFi by storm.

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