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If you’ve read our Seeking Alpha review, you know that Seeking Alpha is an investment research platform that has A LOT to offer.

The platform is powered by information and ideas crowdsourced from its users, meaning that anyone can contribute to the Seeking Alpha community.

But don’t worry, the Seeking Alpha team scrutinizes its authors carefully to make sure that they are credible and don’t have any conflicts of interest with the stocks they’re discussing.

The platform also offers professional stock ratings, which let you see how buy-worthy a stock is according to Seeking Alpha authors, according to Wall Street analysts, and according to Seeking Alpha’s very own quant (quantitative analysis) system.

You can become a basic user with Seeking Alpha for free, but they also offer a Premium subscription for users who want to make the most of the tools and graphics featured on the platform.

So, the question we’re here to answer today is…

…Is Seeking Alpha Premium worth the money?

Let’s find out!

What Is Seeking Alpha Premium?

Seeking Alpha Premium is essentially the “upgraded” version of the platform’s basic membership. 

You get access to lots of features you don’t get with a basic plan, plus extra capabilities on other features. 

Let’s go ahead and talk about some of the differences between the basic membership and the Premium Subscription.

Here are the features included with the basic plan:

  • Follow authors and get new articles from them
  • Receive up to 15 newsletters by email
  • Read and post Blogs
  • Read, post, and track comments
  • See some Quant Ratings and underlying metrics
  • Review 5 years of financial statements
  • Compare 5 stocks at once
  • Sync your stock broker portfolio
  • Build and manage a portfolio of stocks or ETFs
  • Receive stock news and analysis email alerts
  • Receive earnings and transcripts email alerts
  • Read personalized news and articles
  • See the earnings calendar to know when your stocks report

The Basic plan is absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up for an account!

And if you sign up for a Premium subscription, you get access to the following:

  • Everything included in the basic plan
  • Access all Premium investing ideas
  • Listen to earnings and conference call recordings
  • Screen for Top Rated Stocks with ratings screener 
  • Less ads
  • Access all stock earnings transcripts
  • View Seeking Alpha author stock ratings
  • View Seeking Alpha author ratings history
  • Track each investing idea’s performance
  • View article sidebar: stock chart, key data, ratings
  • See stock dividend and earnings forecasts
  • Access Dividend Grades for each dividend stock
  • Download or print financials
  • Download earnings & company presentations
  • See ALL Quant Ratings and underlying metrics
  • Review 10 years of financial statements
  • Compare 7 stocks at once
  • Receive full access to news and analysis
  • See the EPS Revisions Grade in the earnings calendar
  • See 3 types of ratings for each stock in your portfolio
  • Enhanced experience for reading news
  • Get alerts on upgrades and downgrades on your portfolio

The Premium subscription is an absolute steal. At only $19.99 per month for a one-year plan, this plan is simply the best bang for your buck! Plus, you can get a two-week trial of Seeking Alpha Premium, absolutely free!

You can also get a three-year Premium subscription for $14.99 per month, or pay month-to-month for $29.99 per month.

Is Seeking Alpha Worth the Money?

Our answer is a resounding YES.

Seeking Alpha Premium is absolutely worth the money, given the amount of money you can earn using the Premium tools and features.

So in order to prove to you that Premium is a worthwhile investment, we’re going to give you the top 5 reasons why we think you should go Premium.

#1: Top Rated Stocks Screener

Seeking Alpha Worth It Top Rated Stocks

The Top Rated Stocks screener is a special tool for Premium users that automatically finds you the most promising stocks by applying filters for the best quant ratings, Seeking Alpha author ratings, Wall Street analyst ratings, and several factor ratings.

When you use the Top Rated Stocks screener, you’re getting evaluations of a stock from three different perspectives, all with different motives and methods.

Seeking Alpha authors are independent investors who spend hours searching through news and financial statements in order to get a good read on the fundamentals of a stock.

Wall Street analysts are financial professionals who have access to expensive tools and research that help them build thorough financial models such as discounted cash flow (DCF) models that can provide a good estimate on the valuation of a company.

The quant, or quantitative analysis, system is an objective, unemotional stock evaluation system that is executed entirely through  computer algorithms.

When you have a stock that is rated highly by all three of these sources, it will appear on the Top Rated Stocks screener, making it easy to know that you can be confident in the stocks on the list!

#2: Earnings Call Transcripts and Audio

Seeking Alpha Worth It Earnings Call

With a Premium subscription to Seeking Alpha, you can read transcripts and listen to audio recordings of earnings and conference calls for stocks that aren’t covered anywhere else.

Earnings calls help us see if there were any surprises by comparing the last quarter’s earnings to what they were expected to be.

We can also use information given in earnings forecasts to make educated guesses on whether a stock’s price will rise or fall.

#3: Dividend Grades

Seeking Alpha Worth It Dividend Grades

Seeking Alpha has its own unique dividend grading system that helps you evaluate the strength, growth, and reliability of a stock’s dividend.

Dividend Grades give you a different score for a company’s dividend safety, growth, yield, and consistency.

If you’re looking to balance your portfolio out with a big-name, dividend producing company, or you want to pursue an income investing strategy, Seeking Alpha’s dividend grades can get you there.

#4: Quant Ratings and Metrics

Seeking Alpha Worth It Quant Ranking

Seeking Alpha’s quant system has a stellar history of beating the market, making it a valuable tool for deciding which stocks to invest in.

With a Premium subscription, you can see all quant ratings and underlying metrics that determine what quant rating stocks receive.

This level of depth is extremely useful if you have a specific investing strategy in mind and you want to get to the bottom of a stock’s quant rating.

#5: Stock Comparison

Let’s say you want to add an up-and-coming tech stock to your portfolio, but you’re stuck between a few different options.

Seeking Alpha will let you compare stocks side-by-side to help you decide which stock is the best by whatever standard is important to you.

With Seeking Alpha premium, you can compare 7 different stocks at the same time!

Final Thoughts

Those are just five of our MANY reasons to sign up for Seeking Alpha Premium. If you’re looking for more, read our full Seeking Alpha review here!

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