Post: How Onliners Metaverse is Set To Build A Unified Powerful Online Community

With tech giants gearing up to pioneer the metaverse, onlookers have argued that conflicting priorities will result in a fragmented collection of 3D realms without interoperability thereby creating a metaverse mess.

To the uninitiated, the metaverse is a concept of an internet environment where people can interact with a 3D virtual space that mimics reality and every other aspect of real life. In this virtual world, users can connect on multiple platforms just as they would on the internet while being able to work and play from the comfort of their living rooms using virtual reality gear.

For the most part, the idea of a metaverse has mostly been associated with games where players can interact with each other as well as with their virtual environment. Simply put, if you have ever seen the movie “Ready Player One” you have a clear idea of what the metaverse can look like.

However, as disparate tech companies prepare to launch their version of the metaverse, concerns over the fragmentation of the metaverse are on the rise. After all, the whole idea of a metaverse is to have a Web 3 experience of the internet where all platforms are interoperable thereby allowing users to move from one app to the other without compromise.

To facilitate a unified online community, Onliners Metaverse is the latest platform working to create a strong and healthy community that will unify the metaverse.

What is Onliners Metaverse?

Onliners Metaverse is a community of 8,000 members who all together work towards establishing a community of like-minded individuals. Newcomers can join the team through the platform’s discord channel.

Onliners Metaverse uses the power of NFTs to connect its members with look-alike characters that make them feel closer and more attached to the idea of a metaverse. Instead of having an animal character representing you in the metaverse, Onliners Metaverse makes it possible to have an avatar that is a complete replica of your physical features, thereby giving you true representation in the online world.

Through Onliners Metaverse, users will have access to a collection of NFTs that will guarantee access to the Onliners Metaverse ecosystem. These NFTs are designed such that platform members will be able to use them to play online virtual games. A player can, for instance, use their NFT avatar to play a game according to the strengths and abilities of that character or avatar.

Onliners Metaverse Features

In addition to its NFTs, Onliners Metaverse also comes with a treasure vault where 15% of the royalties collected from the sale of the platform’s NFTs will go to fund different activities geared towards growing and encouraging community support. Plus, with a percentage of the profits made on Onliners Metaverse, the floor of great NFT collections will be bought to giveaway to the community.

What’s more, Onliners Metaverse will feature a charitable organization where the community will contribute $50,000 to go to NGOs which will be used to give people in third world countries access to more digital assets and opportunities.

For most parts of the world, having access to the internet and a computer is considered a luxury. For this reason, funds collected through Onliners Metaverse charity will go to buy computers and internet access to the world’s poorest population.

Other features that come with Onliners Metaverse include merchandise that will encourage the community to feel one with the project even while offline. Onliners Metaverse plans to partner with a big fashion brand to create this merchandise.


Talks about the metaverse have been all the rage since the start of 2022. The world is simply excited about the possibility of an online virtual environment where people are allowed to interact, world, and play all at the same time. While concerns about a fragmented metaverse are on the rise, Onliners Metaverse is at work on a platform that will not only unify the online community but also rally that community behind a just cause.

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