Post: How Novatar Will Take Over The Billion Dollar NFT Sector

NFT popularity is far from reaching its peak, the digital assets continue to experience high demand. The trend seems poised to sustain in the long run, as social media platforms announced integrations with these digital assets.

Twitter recently integrated NFTs with its platform and deployed a feature for users to send and receive microtransactions. Other social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit would most likely follow suit and provide their users with a feature that enables their friends and followers to interact with NFTs.

Especially amongst younger generations, NFTs have become a token of culture, the representation of a social movement, and social status that can provide its holders with instant access to communities and other perks.

Data provided The Block Research records a three-fold increase in NFT total trading volume from December 2021, when it stood at $2.67 billion, to January 2022, when it stood at $6.86 billion. In addition, the aforementioned social media platforms have a combined total monthly active users well above 2 billion.

NFTs are a merge of art, culture, digital real state, by holding it the owner conveys a powerful message to the world in a way never before seen. Thus, their demand will trend upwards possibly leading to a supply shock as the demand surpasses their supply.

In this context, the Novatar project has emerged to become a leader in the sector as it aims at providing users with access to popular and modern avatar collections, combined with a suite of advanced features. The NFT sector will see new highs in terms of sales and trading volume with an estimated value of $80 billion, and Novatar will attempt to take a large portion of the market.

Meeting A Massive Demand For NFT, Novatar Takes Control Of A Hot Sector

According to the project’s Litepaper, Novatar is a futuristic and technologically advanced collection with a limited supply of only 25,000 baby avatars. Unlike other NFT collections, Novatar’s are comprised of avatars capable of growing up from babies into full adults.

Every avatar on Novatar collection is exceptional and generated via AI. The 25,000 Novatars have different expressions, characters, facial traits, and can be minted with professions. The project included the unique aging feature which makes it stand out from other NFT collections, but ultimately the user will decide the fate of its Novatar.

A month after a Novatar is minted, the owner can decide if their avatar remains in its baby form or if they become an adult. In this alternative form, the Novatar reveals new traits, facial expressions, changes in wardrobe, and other additions.

By adding this vast variety of characteristics to their Novatar, the projects attempt to represent humans with their vast array of diversities, and a person’s full life cycle on the blockchain. From race to gender and sexual orientation, Novatar is the perfect NFT to represent the owner’s identity in the digital world.

The Next Big Thing Today

The Novatar project was created long before Twitter announced their Twitter Blue initiative, or Facebook changed their name to Meta to embrace the digital revolution. The Novatar collection conveys a message of diversity which is supported by an innovative gene mechanism on the blockchain.

Each NFT possesses 9 basic genes, but the Novatar can develop as much as 14 which will determine its race, hair, eyes, and other futures. This mechanism has an additional use case that allows Novatars to operate as NFT power digital identities for social media platforms and Metaverse universe.

In that way, the Novatar collection stands on a league of its own. There are many popular NFT collections, but none leverages the advanced features or mechanisms of Novatar. The project will conduct a pre-sale of its NFT.

Scheduled for February 27th, 2:00 pm (EST), participants will be able to purchase a Novatar for 0.1 ETH. In order to participate, users only need to connect their wallet to the project’s official website and add their email to be added to the Novatar wishlist.

In the subsequent months, the project will focus on adding more utility to the collection and expanding Novatar to operate as a unique digital ticket into the future of the internet, the Metaverse.

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