Post: From The Ground: The Bitcoin 2022 Conference In Tweets From The Protagonists

We’ve covered the Bitcoin 2022 conference from every possible angle. Except for this one. Our editor reported from the ground, and gave us a look at the art. We covered individual panels in-depth, like this one from Mr. Wonderful and this one from the activists. We even highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly from the main stage conferences, like this report from day one and this one from day two. And to close the coverage off, we’re turning to Twitter.

How did the event’s protagonists live bitcoin’s biggest event of the year? They sure did tell us in real-time via their Twitter feeds. And we went through all the content so you don’t have to. Following, you’ll find our selection. Let’s see what we can learn from their videos, pictures, and short messages. Like Twitter, this post will be all over the place. Let’s go!

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Bitcoin 2022 * Appreciation

  • One of the event’s stars, the ex-Blockstream Samson Mow, found the controversial TV host Tucker Carlson in attendance. Even though Carlson has been talking about bitcoin a lot lately, the question remains. What was he doing there? We wouldn’t know, but, apparently, he interviewed Michael Saylor.

After the fact, Mow reflected on the Bitcoin 2022 experience. “I appreciate the words of encouragement to push for more nation-state Bitcoin adoption. The most meaningful part was meeting Salvadorans and hearing from them first hand that we’re making a difference in El Salvador.”

  • Casa’s Jameson Lopp tells us that he was “pulled onto a panel with no notice” and  “targeted by a prostitute/ gold digger in a whale-only area,” among other things.
  • Even though the bitcoin core developer with the oxygen mask was heavily mocked online, toxic bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco showed the world that “you can have pretty different risk assessments and still be friends!!”

Bitcoin 2022 * Reflection

  • The organizer of Bitcoin Commons Austin, Parker Lewis, had harsh words for the controversial Bitcoin Mining Council based on this panel. “After watching a panel with Marty Bent, Jamie Leverton, Greg Beard and Tony Cross, it is clear ESG is an attack on bitcoin and many of the public companies are a big part of the problem but especially the bitcoin mining council.” 
  • Author of “The Price Of Tomorrow” and a participant in one of the conference’s best panels, Jeff Both, reflects on the Bitcoin 2022 experience. “It is impossible to leave the Bitcoin conference without hope for our collective future because of all the amazing and intelligent people building it.”
  • Even though Michael Saylor and his MicroStrategy are all in on bitcoin, he wants more. “All the talent and passion at Bitcoin 2022 made me realize that I need to focus more on Bitcoin,” he concluded.
  • Brian Harrington’s reflections after Bitcoin 2022: “There was literally a 25,000 person meet up at a volcano with a bar that we paid in Bitcoin and we saw a demo of a lightning tor node paying a grocery store and Peter Thiel made mainstream news railing again the financial gerontocracy.”

He also hosted this behind-the-scenes look at the whole conference.

Bitcoin 2022 * Content

  • Among the announcements we missed, CashApp now offers three new bitcoin products: 1.- The Strike-like “Paid in Bitcoin.” 2.- A way to “auto-invest your spare change into bitcoin.” 3.- Lightning Network integration. Check the presentation for additional info.
  • Jordan Peterson agrees with Bitcoinist, Natalie Brunell was the star of the show. She killed it behind the news desk
  • Back on the Open-Source stage, Summer of Bitcoin’s Adi Shankara put in simple words why young technologically inclined people should avoid big tech and work on bitcoin. “Joining big tech today is like joining big cola. Both their business models revolve around triggering the same molecule in your brain.”

Bitcoin 2022 * Behind The Scenes

  • Part of the production team, Kit shows us how big and full of bitcoin-related products the trade exhibition room was. Notice the volcano where the news desk was, there on the horizon.
  • YouTuber Hotep Jesus shows us the stage and how massive the space for the Sound Money Music Festival that closed the conference was. 
  • To close this off, the conference itself provides a concise video summary that speaks for itself.

Tomorrow, Bitcoinist will close the Bitcoin 2022 coverage with a tweet summary from the general public’s perspective. See you then.

Featured Image: Screenshot from the video summary | Charts by TradingView

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