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Post: Explore Phemex Universe and Win NFTs! Navigate the Future of Blockchain With Singapore’s Top Cryptocurrency Exchange

When asked about what the future looks like, many people may mention sci-fi dystopian movies such as “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One.”

As NFTs and the metaverse in the crypto space make these possible, Phemex is ready to go all-in into a futuristic vision that blurs the distinction between reality and virtual worlds.

Phemex continues to be proud of its accomplishments thus far, making it its objective to support everyone in exploring new possibilities in the financial and blockchain space.

Traditional financial service systems are widely acknowledged to be ineffective and unequal. A new era of financial independence is opening up as a result of the decentralization and digitization enabled by blockchain technology.

In light of its remarkable background, Phemex now casts a watchful and optimistic view on the platform’s future.

Phemex is bringing everyone the Phemex Universe campaign this time, and it is now accepting crypto aficionados who want to become Citizen X.

With their recently-launched campaign named Phemex Universe, users will be able to earn their own NFTs and while becoming a part of the community. Enjoy the opportunity of winning up to a $15 trading bonus!

Ten lucky winners will be chosen at random and be awarded their Citizen X cards as NFTs.

The campaign period will start 6:00 UTC on April 8 to 6:00 UTC on May 7, 2022, while the winners will be announced on May 30.

Expanding horizons

The blockchain system is projecting endless growth in the coming years. And as the industry expands its ventures, Phemex is gearing up to lead the way.

Based in Singapore, Phemex has established its name as one of the most prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

Phemex has cultivated a large user base over the past two years as a result of its exceptional features and NFT and Metaverse commands.

“The Metaverse symbolizes a new method of engaging with the digital world, one that is even more disruptive than the Internet, and one that is developed by each participant, rather than by a central authority,” Jack Tao, CEO of Phemex, said.

“An indication that NFTs are here to stay is not that some have been sold for millions, but that thousands of NFTs have been sold for lower sums, proving that digital collectibles are not only for whales and are expanding in the direction of public use,” he added.

The universe at your reach

Another vision of Phemex is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain systems more accessible to the public.

In line with this, the company launched the Phemex Universe campaign, which is intended to educate users about crypto while also giving them the chance to win various rewards and prizes.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Visit the Phemex Universe and begin your journey to becoming a citizen of the future
  2. Explore the four planets – BTC, ETH, SAND, and DOGE to learn how Phemex and cryptocurrency is reshaping finance as you know it
  3. Play a fun minigame to accumulate points, which can be converted into a trading bonus
  4. Enter your email address and register for Phemex during the campaign period
  5. Complete KYC verification during the campaign period and you’ll be eligible to receive the trading bonus you earned from the minigame
  6. Create your own Citizen X card by uploading an image or connecting to your social media
  7. Download and share your Citizen X card on social platforms
  8. After the event is over, 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random and be given their Citizen X cards as NFTs! Only users who create a card and submit an email address will be eligible to win the NFT.

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