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Post: EU Approves Crypto License & Payment Gateway for Ukraine’s QMALL: Now Globally Connected, A World of Opportunity Awaits

While the country of Ukraine hasn’t yet received approval for its long-held dream to join the European Union just yet, QMALL, the country’s best-known crypto exchange, was recently given the all-clear by EU regulators to trade within the EU and the world beyond.

QMALL has achieved much considering it was only founded in 2021. The brand has amassed an almost cult following of 100,000-plus users due to offering convenient and straightforward payment systems, advanced security to protect assets, and some of the lowest commissions in the industry.

In addition, the combined experience of QMALL’s founders, Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa, helped propel the company to become Ukraine’s first government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. An achievement that may have contributed toward EU regulators granting QMALL its license.

QMALL in the Eurozone

Entering the European market and taking the company global was always part of Mykola and Bohdan’s vision for QMALL. The company has ambitions to continue developing its services with the goal of soon becoming the world’s first-choice cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, a green light to operate in the Eurozone is a massive step toward the company achieving its longer-term goal.

QMALL managed to become regulated in the Eurozone by registering as UAB QMALL in Lithuania. The company has been officially registered as a “Virtual Currency Exchange Operator” and “Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator” by the “Financial Crime Investigation Service” under “The Ministry of the Interior of The Republic of Lithuania”.

As a result of being awarded an EU license, QMALL must adhere to the strictest regulations regarding securing users’ assets, transparency of terms and conditions, and reporting suspected money laundering activities. This is by no means a bad thing and should result in greater consumer trust in the company.

New trading pairs

Probably the most significant benefit for QMALL’s users will be their ability to trade in Euro pairs as soon as its European payment gateway is connected. The ability of its users to trade in Euro pairs is a huge advantage and means that a variety of new strategies can be implemented to improve their profit-making chances.

Also, since most of the crypto-world will soon have the ability to use the QMALL token, thousands of new users will no doubt be attracted to the service due to the company’s previously mentioned reputation for safety and low commissions. As a result, it’s safe to say users of the service can shortly expect to see a significant increase in the tokens’ value.

And it’s not just QMALL’s users who will gain from the immediate benefits of EU registration. A door has just opened to collaborate with Europe’s largest companies, and the company plans to exploit every opportunity to the fullest.

Largest crypto launchpad

For those who don’t know, Sophia Antipolis is the French equivalent to the US’s Silicon Valley. Located in southeastern France, Sophia Antipolis is home to more than 2,500 companies across 2400 hectares. It hosts numerous successful startups alongside many major global brands. The opportunity to meet with and even cooperate with some of the world’s top tech companies is now within QMALL’s reach.

Launchpads help new cryptocurrency projects get off the ground. Usually, those who invest in a project’s digital assets in its early stages experience the highest returns. QMALL has already teamed up with Sophia Antipolis to launch an extremely ambitious project that will see the creation of Europe’s largest launchpad. This project will help many startups gain the financing they need and provide Ukrainian companies access to the European market.

And, when I said ambitious, I meant it. The QMALL team is planning weekly or bi-weekly launches starting almost immediately. With this vast number of new projects launching, investors will get good news. More than ever before will now have the chance to get involved in a project in the early stages.

A metaverse of its own

As if all this wasn’t enough for QMALL, the company also plans to be the first crypto exchange to launch its own metaverse by the end of this year. Now that the company is licensed to do business in Europe, the possibilities are endless. QMALL dreams of being the world’s first-choice crypto exchange, and its visionary founders have the ambition, experience and expertise to make this dream a reality.

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