Post: Empower Your Business With Swapin’s Trusted Crypto-To-Bank Solutions

The evolving demand for digital assets continues to gain momentum. According to a variety of research and public info, in February 2022 the amount of people that had ever used cryptocurrency surpassed 300 million, hinting at ongoing mass adoption.

Businesses all around the globe, both online and offline, are looking to join in on the opportunities that the crypto paradigm brings. While the infrastructure of some market players may lack solutions, Swapin covers all possible needs that business owners may have.

What Is Swapin?

The main objective of Swapin is to provide a reliable bridge between the world of digital assets and the traditional banking system, connecting business owners with an enormous cohort of users willing to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Companies of all sizes operating in different spheres can take advantage of B2B tools designed for their needs.

For example, real estate companies or car dealerships can accept payments in crypto and instantly get credited with fiat to their bank accounts; employers can seamlessly pay salaries in digital assets while their employees receive euros; online shops can accept payments in bitcoin or stablecoins and also get fiat funds sent to their bank account.

Swapin established itself as a crypto-to-fiat payments provider back in 2017 and is currently developing an ambitious product lineup, paying intimate attention to clients’ demand.

The genuine mass adoption of the crypto market itself runs in parallel with regulations, which is a strong point of Swapin. Being an Estonian-based company, Swapin meets the highest standards of European Union regulations, and operates under those regulations with the appropriate financial licenses. The company takes personal data and the storage of funds into serious account and is constantly improving their best security practices.

CoinCollector For Invoice-Issuing Businesses

CoinCollector, one of Swapin’s flagship B2B solutions, eliminates the gap between businesses based on the traditional banking system and customers willing to pay in crypto. In other words, if your client wants to purchase your product with digital assets, and you only accept fiat currencies, CoinCollector acts as the bridge between the two worlds.

The process is as simple as this: a business representative generates a unique invoice link and sends it to a client. The client selects the digital asset they’re willing to use, and the system calculates the exact amount of funds to be transferred. The calculated amount is then locked for 30 minutes in order to protect from possible crypto price volatility and protect both sides. Once the digital assets have been transferred to the address in the invoice, the business gets an instant payout to a predefined bank account.

The solution eliminates the necessity of direct participation in crypto transactions for business, as the whole deal works in the usual way for the business. CoinCollector perfectly fits any kind of invoice-issuing company, including real estate, tourism, car dealerships, transportation, etc.

Expanding Your Online Store Audience And Revenue With E-Com

The E-commerce boom is continuing to spread all over the world, with lots of companies switching to the online sales model. Thanks to the E-com payment widget, businesses can easily integrate a crypto payment module without ever touching cryptocurrencies a single time.

The checkout widget allows e-shop owners to accept crypto payments from their customers and get the exact asked amount in fiat, particularly EUR and GBP. Like with CoinCollector, E-com fixes the calculated amount set to be paid in crypto for 30 minutes, so both seller and buyer are protected from price movement.

The solution is absolutely seamless, as there are no additional accounting steps necessary to perform. The E-commerce payment widget suits any kind of online retail shop and can easily be added to retailers that use WooCommerce, Magneto, PrestaShop, and other platforms.

The Future Of Crypto Payments Is Here With Swapin

The development of crypto money payments was inevitable. With the tremendous speed of the mass adoption of digital assets, the demand on crypto payments is growing tenfold. Thanks to the solutions provided by Swapin, it’s getting easier to broaden your audience and empower one’s business with seamless crypto-to-bank transactions.

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