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The crypto niche is constantly experiencing different levels of change. As a volatile and ever-evolving market, getting lost in the new happening is easy. However, a perfect understanding of keeping up and taking advantage of these trends goes a long way in making people successful.

In 2020, the crypto world experienced a shift towards decentralized finance.  Decentralized finance offered ordinary users an opportunity to access financial services such as purchasing and selling of assets, savings, borrowing, and lending of assets without the need for a centralized authority. DeFi applications are built on the blockchain and, as such, offer transparency to users.

With decentralized finance, the barrier surrounding traditional finance gets eliminated and users from any part of the world can perform transactions. DeFi came as a savior to many and they leveraged its potential to create wealth for themselves. It’s no wonder it grew trendy in 2020 and the total value locked in DeFi protocols currently amounts to $77.05billion

In 2021, a different wave came into the crypto market, and this time around, it was no other than Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are unique digital assets and cannot be replaced with anything as you would not have the same thing. Typically, NFTs are linked to specific assets, which gives them their value.

From the Bored Ape Yacht to Crypto Punks and even the minting and sale of a tweet made by Jack, the founder of Twitter, NFTs have grown. In 2021 alone, big brands like Adidas, Pepsi, and even Gucci leveraged the hype around NFT to build good relationships with their audience.

In 2022, something bigger seems to be occupying the thoughts and actions of most crypto users and even those who have no common knowledge of crypto, and that is the emergence of the Metaverse.  The term metaverse was coined from two words, “meta” meaning beyond, and “verse,” which was coined from the universe. Metaverse simply refers to life beyond the physical universe when defined from this angle.

Metaverse is the future internet that will allow users to interact, work and socialize in 3D spaces. The hype around metaverse grew after Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that Facebook would focus on metaverse. This alone attracted several crypto investors to study the metaverse and its relation to crypto.

While many are looking into the future to predict what 2023 will be about, speculations point towards TOKENIZATION.

What is Tokenization and Why You Should Care

One use case of blockchain technology is tokenization. Blockchain technology can change the way people invest in physical assets such as artwork, real estate, drinks, etc. In simple terms, tokenization refers to converting a real asset into a digital token that is usable on blockchain technology.

Tokenization increases liquidity by making assets available to a larger audience, ensuring all transactions are executed at a much cheaper and faster rate. Because these tokens are built on the blockchain, transparency in transactions is assured.

With Tokenization, crypto users can diversify their portfolios, which is the goal of Genius Assets.

Genius Assets, a Technological Solution That Makes Real Assets Accessible Via Blockchain

Genius Assets is a platform that offers crypto investors access to various categories of assets that cut across non-crypto opportunities to aid them to diversify their portfolio in a simpler and faster way enabling them to earn passive income as they do so.  Its entire ecosystem is based on the GeniuX token (IUX), which represents a portion of the value of your investment. With the GeniuX token, users can invest in multiple exciting assets, including real estate, sports, art, air traffic, and highways.

On the platform, investors can find various projects that suit their needs. Firstly, they can find the ICO project, with the GeniuX (IUX) Token, which is used to capitalize on investments to create new projects and digital investments opportunities. In the first phase, you will find a Fractional Ownership Project, in real estate, in which you can invest by buying the project’s token, when available. And last, but not least, soon you can invest in different assets, such as tokenized high-value assets for digital investments such as air traffic assets, highways assets, art assets, and NFTs, or your favorite sports team assets.

The platform will function like Amazon regarding real-world assets that are digitally placed inside the blockchain and tokenized and fragmented. This could be the first time that everyone would be allowed to invest, transact and buy different types of assets at a fraction of the price.

The team comprises people with an impressive background in real estate, blockchain, art, and luxury goods industry, also legal and crypto regulations which will make this vision come true. They are utilizing the most advanced and cutting-edge technology with regard to the platform. All dApps (decentralized applications) will be made using advanced technology and sophisticated techniques.

In terms of past accomplishments, the team successfully switched from a white-label platform to an in-house constructed platform that also features automatized processes. Additionally, they could list the first Fractional Ownership Project on the platform with no problems whatsoever.

Over the next 12 months, the Genius team will focus on launching its utility token and listing it on various reputable centralized and decentralized exchanges, launching the staking program, selling the Fractional Ownership Project, onboarding institutional clients, forming a framework for asset sellers to successfully be able to list their respective assets on the platform and sell them via the community, establishing a partnership with Chainlink to move the IUX token from Ethereum to Chainlink’s network, and finally launching the official Genius Assets app.

Genius Assets offers the following benefits to investors, the opportunity to earn income streams building from multiple sources – ICOs, Fractional Ownership PROJECTS, NFTs, EXCHANGE, REWARDS. Business and financial mentors to reach for curated investment advice, access to a community of like-minded, driven investors for ongoing support.

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