Post: Disney’s New NFT Job Openings Hint At Future Metaverse Plans

The American titan of multinational entertainment Walt Disney Company is looking for NFT experts with a diverse set of skills, a few job openings indicate. The descriptions of the postings hint at the company’s larger plans.

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Disney To Explode The NFT Space

The media conglomerate currently has four job openings in its careers website that require expertise in the non-fungible tokens ecosystem. Three job openings include “Knowledge of and passion for Digital and NFT categories” as a basic qualification.

It looks like they are looking for “music, entertainment, and technology industries” to intertwine. Sounds like the very beginning of the entertainment giant’s own metaverse.

Although there is no much information about it yet, let’s break down what these job openings can tell us.

  • Director, Sales & Digital Marketing

This job looks for an expert that can act as key point of contact for “all social media and emerging technology partnerships” and lead DMG efforts for emerging technologies, including “AR/VR, Filters, NFTs, Livestreams, and, more.”

This team is resposible for responsible for the “creative marketing and commerce efforts across key partners like YouTube, VEVO and Social Media.”

  • Culture Trend Marketing Manager

This job opening is quite interesting because it expands to Disney’s umbrella of affilates and subsidiaries. The post states that Hulu’s Marketing team is looking to “break through into other spaces outside of streaming” like “Music, Gaming, NFTs, Crypto, Metaverse, etc.”

“The Brand Marketing Manager will be focused on new areas and verticals of opportunity for the Hulu brand that can reach the streamers of the tomorrow and younger audiences that are consuming content in less traditional ways.”

This means that when the conglomerate jumps into the metaverse, the large list of brands owned by the giant will most likely follow.

  • Manager, Business Development

Simillarly, this team looks for someone to help lead their efforts in the non-fungible tokens space “including monitoring the evolving marketplace, setting category strategy, and managing key partners.”

  • ESPN Business Development & Innovation

The last one is a 10 week intership with the ESPN Business Development & Innovation team, which would connect these new efforts with sports, already a booming niche in the non-fungible tokens ecosystem.

The program’s responsabilities include assisting with the identification, and development of business development opportunities, both internally and externally, closely track market trends, and more. It also includes strong understanding of new technologies, like non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, as a preffered qualification.

Disney’s Metaverse

A few days ago, the former chief executive officer and chairman of Disney Bob Iger, had hinted that the company was preparing to jump into the metaverse wagon during and an episode of The New York Times’ podcast “Sway”.

The conglomerate launched its first non-fungible tokens into the VeVe digital collectibles platform last year.

Reportedly, the first non-fungible token with Walt Disney and Mickey from the series “Golden Moments” has a growing price floor that hit $47,000 while it had a drop price of $333 at launch, and the entire collection of 11 NFTs started with a total sales volume of $6,351.99.

The company launched a Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie collection last December and a new Micky and Friends interactive cards series in January. It is also expanding with a Marvel Digital Comics series.

Source: VeVe Digital Collectibles

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The company’s parteship with VeVe is strong and there currently is not sign of them breaking it, but knowing the giant’s infinite hunger to grow their umbrella empire, it is possible that they might be pointing at building their own marketplace in the near future.

Whatever their plan may be, they will certainly go as big as possible. This could turn into a new way to experience non-fungible tokens if they focus on features that can be used for real life experiences, like inside of their parks.

However, a company this large will have to face necessary challenges entering the space, for it must offer its users security from all kinds of threats. The metaverse is still an early cocept, they will likely spend a few years building the biggest and most profitable piece of the pie they can get.

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