Post: DAO For Abortion, Anyone?

A swarm of social activists and entrepreneurs are brainstorming on an idea of birthing a DAO focused on abortion, following a leak in line with the Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade. 

They see this as a solution for many women who will soon lose access to abortion facilities once these services are restricted in certain states.

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What Is A DAO?

DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations operate under smart contracts without any central or governing authority. Unlike regular organizations, DAO participants don’t need to know each other and can be complete strangers in a network. Trust isn’t an issue because the blockchain network itself is tamper-proof.


DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, function under smart contracts in the absence of a central authority or governing body (PCMag).

DAOs would usually be an investment vehicle or a charitable venture to raise funds in support of a cause. This very same DAO has raised funding to help people in Ukraine who were afflicted by war. There were even NFT artists who joined forces to raise funds for the victims of the Russian-Ukraine war.

Supporting Abortion

DAOs have helped with many social, environmental, and political causes. And now, it’s turning its attention to abortion.

According to CDC (2019), there are over 195 abortions for every 1,000 live births. The United States alone registered a total abortion count of 625,346 in women whose ages range between 15 to 44 years.

Pro-abortion activists are seeing DAO and the blockchain network as a way to help women fund abortions.

Pro-abortion advocates view DAO as a means of assisting women in financing abortions (Vox).

However, the way that the blockchain works could pose some privacy risks for women getting abortions. For one, it squashes anonymity. In effect, women who are paying for abortion plus those funding this project are exposed.

Nonetheless, nonprofit and pro-abortion activists are optimistic about the idea of having to raise money for abortive women.

Will it Work?

Pro-abortion programs aren’t new. In fact, many grassroot initiatives providing financial funding for abortion causes have been operating for decades.

In fact, even major companies such as Citigroup and Amazon help their employees by covering travel costs to get an abortion. On the other hand, there are many states that penalize anyone who participates in abortion practices or funding such.

Kimberly Mutcherson, Professor and Dean of Law at Rutgers Law School, advocated that if abortion is illegal in a particular state, it won’t matter what kind of abortion you had. It would still be illegal.

Dr. Giovannina Anthony, OB-GYN from Jackson, Wyoming has an office that facilitates abortion. She believes that once Rowe is overturned, women who are looking for abortion clinics will face new problems and challenges such as having to look for financial support for child care or risks of losing their jobs because of unplanned pregnancy.

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Crypto For Abortion

People are now looking for crypto and DAO to fund abortion services as there are several nonprofit organizations that don’t accept crypto.

However, there seems to be a quickening going on, especially with the first crypto donation made to Planned Parenthood Federation. Eliss Maercklein, CEO of Crypto Chicks, made a 5 Ether donation to the organization. 

And they have now started accepting crypto donations. DAO in support of abortion is now made possible along with other NFT or crypto fundraising programs for a cause.

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