Post: Cryptopia Empowers Play-to-earn Fans To Explore Multiple Game Modes Without Upfront Investment

Blockchain gaming is a powerful and prominent global trend. The concept introduces many opportunities and potential benefits, but only if the Metaverse-oriented focus comes to fruition.

Cryptopia is a city-state taking decentralization to its full potential while introducing play-to-earn mechanics and user empowerment.

What Makes Cryptopia Different?

There are hundreds of play-to-earn games providing access to their native virtual world today. Some projects call themselves a Metaverse, whereas others are mainly browser-based games with crypto transactions. However, unlocking the full potential of the Metaverse and blockchain gaming requires more than just the financial aspect and a cobbled-together user interface.

The approach by Cryptopia is a bit different. It is not focused solely on the long-term holding of investments but rather bets on engaging user content to ensure players come back. More importantly, the content offers many variations, including storylines, factions, quests, sabotage, becoming a DeFi tycoon, professions, jobs, and more. There is something to do for everyone, creating personalised blockchain gaming experiences.

To achieve complete decentralisation, Cryptopia is 100% on-chain.

The game does not depend on any servers.. Additionally, players and developers can freely interact and cooperate to shape the game’s future. More importantly, every action taken by every player is final and affects the Cryptopia game world for everyone alike. Furthermore, users do not need external software – such as wallets – as everything is accessible through the game, which also serves as a multi-signature wallet..

It creates a compelling offering, especially when considering how Cryptopia is free-to-play and offers play-to-earn mechanics. There are no upfront investments necessary, and generating income can be done from day one. Whether players want to be an Adventure or become a Tycoon, Cryptopia has something for everyone. Each option lets users level up and profit.

Understanding The Cryptopia Profit Potential

The gaming world known as Cryptopia has a map divided into land and ocean tiles. Every tile can contain resources, which are tradeable ERC-777 tokens. A player can extract these resources by putting the correct buildings on their land, with land ownership arranged through NFTs. All extracted materials can be traded or sold or can be used by players to produce other resources – tokens, such as steel, microchips, or NFTs, such as ships, modules, clothing, etc.

Another interesting aspect of Cryptopia is how players have an incentive to own adjacent land tiles. If players of the same faction own multiple tiles, a faction zone is established. A larger faction zone results in better-functioning buildings. Being near a zone of the opposite faction incurs penalties, incentivizing players and factions to collectively acquire land. Acquiring land to raise the value and extract resources is the Tycoon route for those who want to establish a decentralized finance empire.

One would think that the limited number of land tiles would become a counter-productive incentive. However, players can band together to create companies to purchase land and share mined resources accordingly. It is an option for those who prefer to skip the Adventurer route or combine the best of both Adventure and Tycoon aspects by putting their in-game earnings to use while they continue to quest.

To ensure sustainability, Cryptopia needs funds to issue rewards to new and existing players. Funds come from the following sources:
–   40% of the tokens are used to bootstrap the game

  • Every time a player earns rewards, there is a small tax, flowing back into the game
  • Cryptopia features a decentralized exchange generating fees to fuel the in-game economy.
  • Players can purchase NFTs from the game to advance quicker, revenues of which flow back into the game

Land owners could, for instance, build a DEX on their land, and Cryptopia will tax the fees charged by the land owner to perform swaps. Liquidity providers who earn rewards will be slightly taxed on their earnings.


Whichever path one prefers, Cryptopia is in need of diverse skills and players. Some like to build, others want to quest, and others want to play the financial aspect to its full potential. Players that get more skilled can take on new adventures and tasks, and gain more and better rewards. The game doesn’t require specific knowledge to get started.

Building an ecosystem on the scale of Cryptopia requires transparency and openness. The Cryptopia team ensures a fixed supply of tokens and the entire game-state resides in smart contracts for everyone to see. There are no hidden advantages for anyone, as everyone enters the Cryptopia Metaverse on a level playing field. It offers endless possibilities with no investment requirements, and players have multiple options to personalize and maximize their experiences. After over two years of development, an MVP has been created by the team.

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