Post: BlockQuake™ Announces Zero Fees Trading

BlockQuake, a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange and fintech firm, announces its Zero-Fee Crypto Trading offer which allows users to trade $100,000 in a year without incurring fees.

This lifetime offer stands for the first million purchasers of the company’s native token, QuakeCoin. And this move makes BlockQuake the first US FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) registered platform offering crypto traders and investors a lifetime zero trading fee membership.

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Crypto enthusiasts can buy the tokens using both crypto and paper currency from anywhere in the globe, excluding Canada and the U.S. However, the income generated through the token sale will be utilized to grow BlockQuake’s ecosystem and finance the platform for entries in the global markets to make it a leading crypto platform that is cost-effective and secure.

Notably, buyers of the QuakeCoin token would have the priority to participate in the company’s upcoming projects like collaboration with metaverse and the NFT marketplace.

Antonio Brasse, the CEO, and co-founder of BlockQuake, said;

We want to reward the growing crypto trading community and give them the opportunity to save their profits by removing trading fees. Traders investing a minimum of $100 USD in QuakeCoin will enjoy free trading for all trades done on the BlockQuake exchange.

Besides saving profit from trading fees, investment in the project will pave the way for both small businesses and large organizations to invest in the elite projects.

The QuakeCoin is also among the other giant exchange coins that have seen 10,000+ gains in market capitalization since their inception. Similarly, Brasse added, “we wanted to make this investment decision an easy one. You’re already ahead without factoring in any potential price appreciation of our token or any of the other perks.”

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BlockQuake’s Additional Discounts To High-Frequency Traders

If you trade more than the annual volume cap, you can get discounts on your trading fees. Many people trade crypto, so even if you have a smaller account size, you can make your money back in the first year from the saved trading fees. Brasse expressed, “You’ll be trading on a U.S.-owned global crypto exchange that is voluntarily complying with regulatory oversight and transparency, making BlockQuake one of the most trustworthy crypto trading platforms.”

Once the platform strengthens its position in the crypto-mania after current upgrades, enhancement of KYC, and other market-making services, it plans to immediately relaunch the platform worldwide by listing over 50 pairs of top cryptos and fiats. And by December 2022, the exchange intends to list 250 trading pairs.

The company strives to make it the most trusted and transparent platform. Besides being registered with the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), BlockQuake currently pursues its New York State BitLicense. Moreover, the exchange also voluntarily undergoes an audit.

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BlockQuake will include hot cryptocurrencies like Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), ChainLink (LINK), and USD Coin (USDC) in its existing list of cryptocurrencies which contains Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Tether (USDT) and Litecoin (LTC).

The exchange is currently fiat-enabled with the U.S. Dollar (USD). And in the future, the users will also be able to cash in and out of the Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar, Great British Pound, and Japanese Yen (JPY). Also, BlockQuacke is attempting to enable withdrawal and deposit capabilities for select non-USD fiats alongside adding debit and credit card options for purchase.

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