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About BitYard

BitYard is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides investors and traders with some crypto trading services. Its operation cuts across over 150 countries worldwide and is more reliable due to its fast, safe, and easy performance.

Launched in 2019, the crypto exchange is based in Singapore that facilitates the trading of over 400 crypto tokens. Some of the main cryptocurrencies on the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others.

BitYard is fast becoming one of the world’s reputable crypto contracts exchanges as it aims to simplify complexities in contract trading. So, it employs some trading tools that will enable users with high profitability. BitYard has a brand concept that goes with ‘Simple.’

Is BitYard Legit and Safe?

BitYard is a legit and safe crypto contract trading platform with a simple interface for easy navigation. Both beginners and professional traders have the right tools available on the exchange platform to enhance their trading experiences and improve their profitability.

Multiple Licenses

BitYard is a regulated crypto exchange with strong and notable financial regulators licenses. Some of the top-tier bodies that licensed the exchange include:

  • Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • American Money Services Businesses (MSB)
  • The MTR of Estonia
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)


Some of the partners of BitYard include Coincodex, Chainlink, TRANSAK,, BLOCKCHAIR, FIO, TradingView, Banxa and others.

BitYard Highlights – One Stop Trading Platform

BitYard is an exchange that provides users of all trading levels the right platform for crypto trading and investments. The exchange is referred to as a One-Stop trading platform due to the several trading services available on the site.

The services of BitYard can be summarised below.

Spot Market

BitYard is reputable for the provision of spot market trading to its users. The exchange focuses on providing the best crypto-USDT pairing and others. Traders have different viewing options on the platform, which include ‘Order History,’ ‘Funds,’ ‘Open Orders,’ and ‘Trade History.

Perpetual Futures (Inverse)

This is one of the features of BitYard for trading that could give high profit. Also, engaging in perpetual futures could result in loss. Beginners are advised to stay away from this trading until they gain more experience in crypto transactions.

Lite Trading (CFDs)

Users can access a wide range of crypto pairing through CFDs while exploring the market. The CFD trading allows the traders to speculate on the values of the cryptocurrencies without the actual ownership of the tokens.

Also, users can trade CFDs on other instruments like Forex, Indices, and their derivatives.

Copy Trading

BitYard features copying tools on its platform that allows users to copy the trading patterns of some professional traders. In addition, the copy trading feature gives beginners the right footing for speedy growth.

The tool enables newbies to duplicate the positions that their selected traders have opened automatically. They will have to pay the professional traders either a monthly fee or a few percentages from their profit. Hence, both beginners and professional traders benefit from the copy trading tool.

Deposits with FIAT

BitYard supports deposits in different fiat currencies for traders in Vietnam, Mainland China, and Indonesia. The supported fiats include USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, JPY, CAD, CHF, and others.

BitYard Fees

BitYard has a page that contains all its applicable fees for services on the platforms.

Deposit – BitYard takes no charge for a deposit on the platform, both in crypto or fiat currencies.

Withdrawal – The exchange takes some charge from customers at the point of withdrawals.

  • ERC20 – 10 USDT
  • BSC – 1 USDT
  • TRC20 – 1 USDT

Convert Fee – 0.1%

Spot Trading Pairs

  • Maker’s fee – 0.1%
  • Taker’s fee – 0.1%

CFDs – The transaction fees for CFDs on BitYard is between 0.075% – 0.05%. The calculating format is given below:

  • Opening fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.05%
  • Closing fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.05%


Besides the normal web app, BitYard maintains a mobile app for its users that is available on both iOS and Android smart devices. Customers can download the mobile app from Google Play Store or iTunes Store. Using the mobile app allows traders to monitor and consummate their transactions even when they are on the go.

Customer Support

BitYard offers top-notch customer support to its users through live chats and emails. Moreover, it maintains an all-inclusive help center and an FAQ column. These handle lots of likely issues that users face using the platform. Also, the exchange interacts with users through its social media platforms.

Here are some of the means to access the BitYard Customer Support.

Email – Send your emails to [email protected]
YouTube –
Facebook –
Twitter –

Attractive Affiliate Program

BitYard offers an attractive affiliate program to users to explore and earn huge. With the program, a user will partner with the exchange and get as high as 40% commission from the generated fees of their referrals.


BitYard is a reputable crypto contract trading exchange that allows its users to enjoy great services through its unique platform. It operates with a brand concept of SIMPLE by removal complexities with the trading of cryptocurrencies and other financial assets.

The exchange accommodates all customers irrespective of their trading experiences. The interface is user-friendly and very easy to navigate even by beginners. Also, there are outstanding features that will interest and benefit professional traders as well. BitYard has it all wrapped up for its users.

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