Post: Allie Rae On Making Millions, Sex Stigma, And Her OnlyFans x Crypto Crossover: WetSpace

Last year, Allie Rae made national headlines after her OnlyFans was discovered by her peers in the neonatal intensive care nursing unit in a top Massachusetts hospital. Management demanded she take down the page, but she instead quit — taking a stand for herself and adult industry workers everywhere. 

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, turning Allie Rae into a millionaire in a matter of months. Today, she is using her newfound financial success to continue to take a stand for adult industry workers and pave the way for a better financial future for others through crypto. 

Allie Rae is not only defined by her adult industry work and is a prime example of what is often hidden behind the stigma. She is a naval vet, wife, mother, former nurse, and now an entrepreneur. She even bought Dogecoin at around a penny per coin. Allie Rae is the CEO of WetSpace, a one-of-a-kind platform that helps content creators find financial success and engage with audiences unlike ever before. Users of the platform also benefit from greater privacy and deeper interaction with those they follow. For example, content creators can mint NFTs or accept crypto tips via private DM chat.

Allie Rae and WetSpace seek to disrupt traditional payment providers and take on big banks to stop them from stifling other financial success stories like Allie Rae’s.

An Interview With Allie Rae: Welcome To WetSpace

Bitcoinist had the chance to catch up with Allie Rae and talk about the upcoming launch of WetSpace, currently pegged for early Feb. Here’s what she had to say. 

Bitcoinist: What a story! Did you ever consider your OnlyFans page could lead to such success, eventually launching your own company and crypto platforms?

Allie Rae: Not at all. When I first heard about OnlyFans, my Instagram and Chive followers would tell me all the time that I needed to start one. I used to think, “there is no way anyone is even gonna subscribe to me – I’m a 37-year-old nurse and hockey mom from Boston, Mass!”. But, after the first month, I was literally shocked at how much support I had on the site and was even more shocked at how much I loved doing it! It was like a special place for me to really decompress from working in the ICU and gave me the opportunity to express who I was outside of being the typical hockey mom/professional by day. It was so much fun! I loved sharing this behind-the-scenes version of my life. Flash forward one year – and now – here I am, creating my own adult platform and transforming into an advocate for sex workers everywhere. I felt the stigma first hand after what happened to me at the hospital, and I want to be the face of this industry. Because I’m different, I’m not the average adult creator that people are used to seeing, and I’m relatable; I hope that people can resonate with that. 

Allie Rae is the CEO of WetSpace

Can you give us some background on what prompted you to start the OnlyFans in the first place?

Allie Rae: My husband and I were married at 18 years old. We had three kids throughout our twenties, and when our thirties hit, and the kids were finally self-sufficient (for the most part), I think we just wanted to have some time to ourselves to have fun, reclaim some of that youth that we missed out on. We spent so many years just building our careers, shuffling kids back and forth to hockey, that we never really got to take those breaks and have a little fun as a couple. I started an Instagram posting pictures and videos and doing beer reviews, essentially vlogging our newfound freedoms in our thirties.

“It’s no secret that the mainstream financial system for sex workers is discriminatory and broken.” -Allie Rae

We’ve never really felt our age, we’ve always been young at heart, and so this was something fun, sexy and a little bit taboo and we liked it! It was during the COVID lockdowns that we started to hear more and more about OnlyFans from fans and in mainstream media. And so one night, I just created one, posted a few pics and short videos – and before you knew it, I had hundreds of subscribers who couldn’t get enough of how real, candid, and just overall unfiltered I was on my page. 

You are a multi-talented mom, wife, and so much more. What other things should the world know about you personally?

Allie Rae: Well, I was in the Navy for six years. I graduated high school at 16 years old, and then I went into the Navy at age 17, so my parents had to sign for me to join. I was actually the youngest sailor in the Navy for my first two years of service. I truly believe that it really set me up for success. During Hurricane Katrina, I was stationed in New Orleans, which was a nightmare. We had two toddlers during that time, and I ultimately decided to get out after that in late 2006. We now have three boys, ages 18, 17, and 12, who all play hockey. We are a very active household and love to travel. 

Clearly, you don’t fit the stereotypes culture often portrays. Can you tell us some more about the stigmas surrounding adult industry work like OnlyFans? 

Allie Rae: I can’t sit here and pretend that I didn’t carry some stigma against this industry before I was a part of it. I certainly did. I, too, had my own perception of porn stars and playboy models back in the day. It’s very difficult for people on the outside of things to understand this line of work, and I get that. There are also many people who have strong religious beliefs that shame this type of content. That’s difficult to puncture through and change any minds. With that being said, I don’t think the goal is to change everyone’s mind or opinion on the industry. Many people don’t believe that pineapple belongs on pizza, haha, but we still accept that it’s loved by many. Okay, that’s actually a terrible parallel, lol, but what I’m trying to get at here is that just because you personally don’t engage or consume this type of content doesn’t mean that it should be banned, restricted, discriminated against, etc. Another issue that’s often overlooked is that OnlyFans has also provided a safer method of sex work for many creators, and these bans and restrictions brought on by societal stigmas could put many of them back out in harm’s way, into very dangerous situations for them to keep making a living. While I personally could always run back to nursing, this is still a reality for some creators.  

Content creators can launch NFTs exclusive to their audience

You are correct; I don’t fit the typical stereotype of this industry, which is why I believe I am the perfect advocate – because my story does shock people; it does make people question the norms; it changes the perception and the experience of what they have witnessed or seen in the past. I can lead a very normal life as a mother, nurse, wife, veteran, hold a doctorate degree, and yet still take nude photos and make sex videos with my husband on the side. I’m taxed on my work just like anyone else. It’s a form of entertainment, along the same lines as athletes, models, actresses, etc. It’s not like I’m doing anything illegal like Al Capone or something. Unfortunately, our work is not looked upon as legitimate work, but I can tell you, my bank account and my tax bill are certainly legitimate.

“WetSpace intends to destroy the monopolistic, predatory adult industry.” -Allie Rae

Let’s not forget that it’s not just the creators who are affected by this. There are many consumers who have been discriminated against for consuming the content and actually had their banks and credit unions call them out for it. Anonymity is important to our fans. WetSpace will not collect your personal information or credit cards as other platforms do. You simply connect your crypto wallet, and you’re ready to enjoy the content. This is very appealing to many consumers because they don’t need to worry about their bank statements exposing their private charges with their partners, CPAs, accountants, or banks. When you think about how often you need to show your bank statements to apply for loans or for tax purposes, you can see why many users want anonymity.

What challenges do workers commonly face? And can you elaborate on how any challenges pertain to payment providers and workers getting paid?

Allie Rae: Well, the real challenge for the creators is stability. How can you really continue to build a stable business creating adult content if you may be given a 30-day notice at any time that you’re being shut down because of new restrictions; or that you aren’t going to be able to get paid because the platform you provide content on has been suspended or lost the ability to do so? You can’t. It’s no secret that the mainstream financial system for sex workers is discriminatory and broken. If creators aren’t proactive in protecting their interests with a backup plan, they just might watch their businesses crumble, unfortunately. That’s something that scares me. The major financial systems are getting increasingly stricter with the adult entertainment space as the stigma against sex workers continues to linger, and although we aim to bring awareness, they still have the upper hand at this time. 

Users can tip their favorite creator to get their attention

How does WetSpace address these common challenges?

Allie Rae: WetSpace is the product of me identifying the problem (the banks) and finding the solution (get rid of the banks). Period. It’s not OnlyFans or any other platform’s fault. Like all of us, I’m sure they would love to escape the upper hand of the big banking industry’s demands and restrictions, but if you’re a platform built on fiat as the primary payment method, the reality is you cannot. That’s why WetSpace is unique. We do not answer to banks. In fact, we don’t need them. WetSpace is 100% crypto-based, which means we accept cryptocurrencies as payment, and your money is transferred into your wallet almost immediately. There’s no waiting for payments to process or pending (yes, creators, that also means no chargebacks too)! 

Why crypto? And why launch such an endeavor now?

Allie Rae: Adult entertainment, porn, or however you want to refer to it, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Yes, billion! It’s no secret that mainstream financial systems are increasingly distancing themselves from the industry, yet adult entertainers rely on those systems to get paid for their work. That’s an issue that needs to be solved. Cryptocurrencies’ technical attributes fulfill the industry’s needs because it is decentralized, fast, secure, and not to mention a discreet method of exchange. By empowering content creators (and their fanbases) as partners in an adult-friendly ecosystem, WetSpace intends to destroy the monopolistic, predatory adult industry.

Which cryptocurrencies do you plan to support?

Allie Rae: WetSpace is 100% crypto-based – we are not a “sh*t coin” or some pump and dump adult coin like you hear about everywhere. In fact, we are not a coin at all; we will accept multiple cryptocurrencies. We are currently going to be accepting BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, BNB, ETH, MATIC, AVAX. Our goal is to be inclusive of all crypto coins, and we would love to collaborate with other projects and/or models that have their own coin down the road, but for now, we are starting with coins that are eco-friendly, have low fees, and in some cases, stable. Users will be able to connect their MetaMask (Desktop & Mobile), Wallet Connect & Coinbase Wallet. 

wetspace crypto list

A preview of the accepted cryptocurrencies expected at launch

What else can you reveal about WetSpace?

Allie Rae: Launch is anticipated to be at the beginning of February 2022. We will have a period of beta testing initially for certain creators, and then we will launch to the public. The following features will be available: Paid Subscription feeds to creators – allowing for multiple tiers and multiple types of subscriptions; PPV content can be created and sold; stories like Snapchat & Instagram; simple DM chatting with tipping; a built-in Social Media Manager that will allow creators to schedule previews and links to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (this will be huge for helping creators promote to their audience across multiple platforms); general analytics and posting insights for creators; customization of creator profile (similar features to MySpace) for changing the colors and positions of content on a creator’s profile; the ability for creators to trim and edit videos to create teasers; ability to tip creators on social posts or to tip in chat. 

“Anonymity is important to our fans.” – Allie Rae

Another really cool feature we will have at launch is our management profile. We will have a management profile with the ability for managers or employees of sex workers to manage different levels of a user’s account. The creator will be able to decide which features they want to give access to the manager, such as messaging, feed, accounting, etc. Management companies will also have the ability to toggle from one creator to another from their own profile if they manage multiple creators. 

These will be the initial launch items. After these are done, our next focus will be on live streaming, probably launching in March – April. We also plan to have an NFT marketplace where you can mint your own NFTs. You can also have an “NFT with Perks” where you can combine your NFT with added bonuses like free subscriptions, premium Snap, video chats, ratings, custom videos, and more! I’m just so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on for so many months! 

Creators will be given control over more than just their finances

At this time, creators will need to apply and join our waitlist on You can also find more information on We will go through the waitlist and send you a notification through email if you are selected to join our beta launch. The purpose of this is to make sure the platform and user experience are optimal before a mass release to the public.

What is the long-term vision for WetSpace? Will you continue your OnlyFans concurrently?

Allie Rae: WetSpace aims to distinguish itself as the platform for all with an advanced user experience and interface, and most importantly, the stability creators need. WetSpace is led by a dedicated team, and we are committed to prioritizing our relationship with content creators like myself, a relationship that is often lacking between creators and the platforms to which they are tethered.

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Absolutely! I do not have any plans on closing down my OnlyFans; you’ll be able to find my content there for as long as OnlyFans allows me to, lol. We also are not suggesting that creators leave OnlyFans either. We believe that creators should cross-promote themselves on multiple platforms without putting all their eggs in one basket. We hope that WetSpace can expand a creator’s market and consumer base to users who desire anonymity and payment flexibility. We genuinely believe that once creators and users are on the platform, they will find it much easier to run their business and consume content that WetSpace will sell itself and hopefully become your primary home for selling your content. 

Finally, I have to ask: Do you hold any cryptocurrency yourself?  

Allie Rae:  Haha – actually, I do! My first crypto investment was Dogecoin, and I got in long before the Elon Pump – so I am definitely hodling this one. This was one of my first big splurges when I started making some serious money on OnlyFans. I think I dropped like $3-5k in at far less than 1 cent. I also own some others, such as Bitcoin, MANA, and ETH. Look, what I would say to creators reading this: I am not pretending to be some crypto guru by any means, trust me. I, too, am new to this crypto world and understand how scary it can be initially. But, I am wise enough to see where this is going and know that it’s something I have to have my hands in. Crypto is growing rapidly and becoming more and more accepted by mainstream consumers. It’s exciting to think about where we will be in the next five years! 

WetSpace is set to launch in March 2022, with a beta launching on February 7. To learn more about WetSpace, visit the official website to join a waitlist, or check out our follow-up article with additional details

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